About the lake, divisional tournaments and organizers

The Water

SNA currently hosts monthy tournaments at 12 Kentucky lakes and growing. KY is a crappie fishing hot spot!

The Anglers

The anglers competing in the SNA Krappie Masters tournaments are some of the best in the region.

The Skills

The skills required to be a great crappie fishermen are unique. It requires constant practice and mind set.

The Competition

SNA Krappie Masters allows anglers of all skill ranges and age to compete on a high level.

Lakes FIshed in Kentucky
Tournaments Annually
Average Number of Boats
Amazing Crappie Trail
Todd Ulery

About the Organizer

Hello, I’m Todd Ulery and am the Tournament Director for SNA Krappie Masters. Four years ago, I was blessed to build one of the strongest and fastest growing tournament angling crappie trails in the state of Kentucky. I was born in the small town of Mount Eden, in a deeply rooted farming family. We held strong traditions and value morals above all else. I attended high school in Spencer County Kentucky and graduated in 2000, starting my career in Emergency medical services shortly after. I never looked back, and met so many amazing people along the way. My wife of 10 years, Erica, has been my greatest support. I have two incredible children who are my greatest joys in life, Brayden, 9, and Eliza, 4. When we’re not spending time together, we’re finding peace and joy on the waters of Taylorsville lake, among many others. I saw a strong need for this event and have been able to turn SNA into the fastest growing trail in Kentucky through the help and hard work of so many. The only thing stronger than my love for my family and passion for fishing is Christ. The beliefs that my family instilled in me all those years ago are the reason the trail has seen such great success. Thank you so much for coming to learn about me and SNA Krappie Masters. I hope to see you on the water!

Why Crappie Fishing?

Crappie fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing among anglers in the United States due to the plentiful supply of fish in lakes throughout the country. However, without the right skills, it can still be very difficult to catch a sufficient amount of fish. Our crappie fishing trail is designed for the best Crappie fishermen in Kentucky or surrounding areas. We give them a place to compete, grow their skills and continue to improve the sport of Crappie fishing nationwide.

A Community of Fishermen

Our community of anglers are more than just competitors, they are friends, family and neighbors. 

Building Connection Through a Love of Fishing

We not only compete, we create true community through a shared loved of crappie fishing, boating and nature.

Competition that Excites

The competition at SNA Krappie Masters allows our anglers to showcase their skill and reach for the next level.

About Our Lakes

SNA Krappie Masters originally began with one lake, Taylorsville Lake, located outside of Louisville, KY in Taylorsville, KY. We are now up to 12 lakes in our first year (Barren River, Cave Run, Cedar Creek/Herrington Lake,Dewey Lake, Green River, KY Lake/Barkley, Nolin Lake/Rough River, Lake Cumberland and Taylorsville)!!

SNA and our state of Kentucky is home to some of the most incredible fisheries and fishing communities around who all enjoy the peace, beauty and resources that our lakes have to offer.